The publishing industry is tough. Most writers jump through hoops and spend years querying as they fight to follow their publishing dream. Some succeed, but more often skilled writers are passed over for "more marketable" options. Or, even more sad, authors finally reach their dream only to find that publishing wasn't what they thought it was and decide to pursue self-publishing anyway. Either way, this is an exciting time to be an author. You get full control over your products and get to make all the decisions. Unfortunately, these decisions can sometimes be overwhelming.

I frequently receive emails from writers about publishing. The most common questions range from "I'm done with my book. What now?" to "My book has already been published, but it's not doing well. What should I do now?" This is one reason I decided to launch a few author services, and since I'm still building my business, new clients get a deep discount!  Here's what some of my clients are saying:

"Rebecca is a genius at writing blurbs. She's taken my garbled mess and made it shine. I don't write one without her now!!" ~Jen Greyson, ghostwriter to NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors

"I wouldn't dare do a blurb without Rebecca's help. She knows just what to pick out of the story to create an engaging blurb that makes buyers want to pick it up and desperate to read it. Never slave over another blurb again. Rebecca's got you covered." ~Cindy M. Hogan, Amazon Bestselling Author

"Rebecca is one of my favorite beta readers because she's so thorough about looking at the characters, plot, and setting. She sees holes that no one else seems to find." ~Adrienne Monson, author of the Blood Inheritance trilogy

Book Description & Query Service

Book summaries, product descriptions, and queries are truly an art. They require an author to become a copy writer and salesperson. Sometimes it's hard for authors to step away from their work and see it with a fresh perspective. Others find it difficult to sum up their book in two or three paragraphs, let alone describing it in a way that will hook readers.

As a former journalist, I know how to to use words efficiently and for maximum impact. Whether you need a polished query or description, I'll work with you from rough draft to finished product.

Here's how it works: I need a one or two page summary or synopsis of your book to get a good feel for your story. (Tip: you should have this anyway). I may ask a few additional questions to clarify a few things. Then I'll write two summaries or queries from two different angles. If you're writing a book description for an Amazon product page, I'll also ensure your summary has keywords for search engine optimization purposes. Then you'll choose one and we'll work on it together until you're happy with it.

Cost: $120  $99

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Note from Dave, a Query Letter Service client:

"I went to a writer’s conference in Cleveland this past weekend . . . I’m very happy to say that thanks to what we hammered out here, both of the agents that I met with requested pages to read.  One asked for 10 pages, the other asked for 25! I really want to thank you again for all the time you put into this. . . . You truly attacked this project and I sincerely appreciate it."

 BETA Reader/Impression Service

I call this an impression service because it's a step up from simple beta reading. I'll read your manuscript, make notes as I go, and then give you a complete form with overall impressions. We'll talk about character, plot (structure), setting, and anything else that may be helpful for you. This service lies somewhere between a beta read and a full content/developmental edit. The cleaner the manuscript, the more I can help you. Since this service is so time-intensive, I have limited openings, so I ask that you book at least three weeks in advance.

Cost: $180  $129

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A note from Lindzee Armstrong, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author:

“Rebecca ialways spot-on in her feedback while remaining kind in her delivery. My books are always better after she beta reads them!”

 Marketing Consultation

This is my most popular service. I've used my marketing background to teach classes at local writer's conferences for years, and each of my novels has hit multiple bestseller lists within days of release or even in preorder.  Can't afford a publicist? Need someone to tell you how to launch or market your book? This service is for you.

In a 30-minute phone call, we'll discuss your personal book marketing needs, often including newsletters, ads, book summaries, branding, categories/keywords, and more. After our discussion, I'll email you a detailed individualized marketing plan document regarding what we discussed.

Cost: $100  $79

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A note from Adrienne Monson, author of the Blood Inheritance trilogy:

"Rebecca's overnight success speaks volumes of her ability to market! Her advice has helped me to find new readers for my books."