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author_rebecca_rode_How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces Rebecca Rode 9781462111701
Rebecca Rode
Rebecca is an award-winning author and journalist. Her first published work was an acclaimed essay about Romanian orphans, printed in Brigham Young University’s literary publication, Inscape. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Rebecca began writing for Schooled magazine, KSL.com (a broadcasting news website), Deseret News in Salt Lake City, Family Share, and the Provo Daily Herald.  Her first book, an inspirational book for mothers called HOW TO HAVE PEACE WHEN YOU’RE FALLING TO PIECES, was released in 2013. She soon discovered that fiction was much more fun to write. Her first novel, NUMBERS GAME, will be released in Spring 2015. Rebecca enjoys traveling, eating authentic Italian gelatos, and indulging her husband’s chocolate-banana shakes. A mother of four, she lives nestled between a mountain and a lake in beautiful northern Utah.

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